Pet Buddies - Your pet's best buddy
    Pet Buddies - Your pet's best buddy 

Canine Friends

We have been walking dogs since 2008.


The most important thing, for us, is that the dogs we walk have a good time, whether they are being walked on their own or in a group, if they like to meet and play with other dogs.


We do not, however, walk dogs in large groups as we enjoy interacting with each dog and that is not possible in a big group.


Prices in Barnstaple area and 5 mile radius:-


1 dog                 1 hour       £8

2 dogs               1 hour       £!0

3 dogs               1 hour       £!2

4 dogs.              1 hour       £!5



Minimum charge for a walk on a Bank Holiday          £10

Overnight and full day rate                                       £25

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